International Conference
to Mark the 70th Birthday of
Prof. Bernard Lerer

New Horizons in Biological Psychiatry



אופקים חדשים בפסיכיאטריה ביולוגית

כינוס בינלאומי
לציון יום הולדתו ה-70 של
פרופ' בנימין לרר



​Prof. Bernard (Beni) Lerer is a founding father of biological psychiatry in Israel. He is well known internationally for his achievements. He has published over 360 papers in peer reviewed journals as well as book chapters and books, and holds patents in the fields of pharmacogenetics and psychopharmacology. He received numerous prizes. One of them (most important to him as he testifies) is the Distinguished Mentor Award of the Israel Society for Biological Psychiatry. Prof. Lerer has mentored more than 120 PhD and MSc students and psychiatry research trainees. We, his former mentees and present collaborators, are proud and honoured to hold this event, marking his 70th birthday and continuous productive work.

Prof. Yoav Kohn
Jerusalem Mental Health Center, Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital and Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Mishkenot Sha’ananim Conference Center,

מרכז הכנסים משכנות שאננים, ירושלים



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